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Nonprofit organizations make communities more vibrant. Churches, educational institutions, camps, health care providers, theaters, museums, zoos, libraries, social services agencies, and many more organizations provide flavor to our cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

At the heart of every successful nonprofit there is a dedicated corp of friends, supporters and volunteers who donate time, talent, and treasure to the organization, maintaining its operations so it can do good for the community.

Of course, keeping these organizations functioning effectively also takes substantial resources, and an organized plan for securing those resources is essential.

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Hopkins Fundraising Consulting helps nonprofit organizations maximize their fundraising effectiveness. We work throughout the Midwest and specialize in:

  • Aiding organizations as they build an internal fundraising framework.
  • Assisting organizations in strengthening their annual fund.
  • Helping nonprofits plan, initiate, and implement major capital and/or advancement campaigns.
  • Providing support services that build overall organizational capacity for fundraising success.

After working in and with the nonprofit world for sixteen years, Keith Hopkins founded Hopkins Fundraising Consulting on the belief that nonprofit clients deserve:

  • Integrity and honesty from their consulting partners.
  • Personalized “hands on” service.
  • Consultants who are accessible and easy to work with.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Partners that will put the client’s best interest ahead of the consulting firm’s bottom line.

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