How Does Your Giving Compare to America’s Richest Donors?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently took the list of America’s top ten wealthiest people and compared it to their giving.  Here are the top five: Bill Gates Net worth: $81 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 22% Warren Buffett: Net worth: $65 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 71% Michael Bloomberg: Net worth: $45 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 10% Sergey Brin: New worth: $37 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 6% Larry Page: Net worth: $38 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 4% How does their giving compare to yours?  ...
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The Coming Battle Over Endowments

In recent years, members of Congress have begun questioning the size of endowments of some of the nation’s most prominent colleges and universities.  For example, Harvard University has the nation’s largest endowment, which (based on 2015 figures) now tops $36 billion. Unlike private foundations, which must distribute 5% of their assets each year, there is no legally required payout for nonprofit endowments.  With educational costs soaring for most families, Congress is beginning to discuss the possibility of requiring the largest endowments to meet legally set guidelines for annual payouts. This is a controversial topic and one worth investigating.  Here’s the current reality for Harvard.  The University enrolls about 6,700 undergraduates each year.  Tuition, room and board at Harvard runs approximately...
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Overview of Giving (2016)

Each year, Giving USA releases a report that tracks domestic giving across the nation. Here are the relevant findings from 2016: Total giving in 2016: $390 billion (nearly $6 billion higher than 2015) The growth rate in giving from 2015 to 2016: 1.4% Causes that experienced the largest growth in giving from 2015 to 2016: Environment and Animal Welfare: up 5.8%  Arts, Culture, and Humanities: up 5.1%  International Affairs: up 4.6% Causes with the slowest growth rates:  Foundations: up 1.8% and Religion: up 1/8% Of the $390 billion given in 2016: $281 billion came from individuals (72% of giving), $59 billion came from Foundations (15% of giving), $30 billion came from Estate Gifts (7.6% of giving), and $18 billion came from...
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