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How Does Your Giving Compare to America’s Richest Donors?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently took the list of America’s top ten wealthiest people and compared it to their giving.  Here are the top five: Bill Gates Net worth: $81 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 22% Warren Buffett: Net worth: $65 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 71% Michael Bloomberg: Net worth: $45 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 10% Sergey Brin: New worth: $37 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 6% Larry Page: Net worth: $38 billion.  Wealth directed to charity: 4% How does their giving compare to yours?  ...
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Simple Way to Increase Donor Retention

Donor retention is the holy grail of fundraising.  Each year, every nonprofit loses donors…and those lost donors are much more costly and time consuming to replace than those that could be retained. There are many factors that influence donor retention, but a recent experiment unveiled a very simple way to help increase retention.  The answer?  Hand written thank you notes. Simple and effective.  The experiment (conducted by the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind) found that hand written thank you notes for previous gifts led to a 8% increase in donor retention.  Revenue from repeat donors jumped over $650,000 in one year due to the change. Fundraising is a personal business.  Keep reminding yourself of that and find ways...
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Grand Rapids Business Journal Profile

I was fortunate to be interviewed by the Grand Rapids Business Journal for their “Inside Track” feature this week.  Thanks to them for the nice article and their ongoing coverage of nonprofits in West Michigan. The link for the story is: Any success I have is the result of the support of many others.  Thanks to my family, friends, and clients for ten years of business.    ...
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