Annual Fund Development Planning

Organizations with structured annual fund plans typically raise more money than those that approach fundraising without any defined strategy for success. Hopkins Fundraising Consulting is prepared to assist your organization in creating a 3-5 year annual fund plan that clearly defines your fundraising objectives, develops carefully planned strategies for achieving those goals, and results in delineated benchmarks to ensure that your organization is effectively executing its plan. This service includes:

  • Assisting the organization with an assessment of current and future financial needs, including a review of annual revenue streams (i.e. including funds secured through earned income, fundraising strategies, and other methods).
  • Review of the organization’s recent fundraising history and current fundraising strategies including special events, direct mail, grant writing, planned giving, major gift solicitation, and board solicitation.
  • Development of a written 3-5 year annual fund plan that clearly outlines fundraising objectives for the defined timeframe.
  • Assisting with the identification of potential donor constituencies and with the development of strategies to reach those groups.
  • Identification of “best practices” in regard to mailing programs, special event fundraising, and grant writing.
  • Assessment of current Board leadership and assistance with identification and recruitment of future Board members.
  • Training of staff for effective Board solicitation.
  • Training of Board leadership for their role in the fundraising process.
  • Development of staff benchmarks to determine the success of the defined fundraising program.
  • Assistance with the development of donor recognition vehicles to heighten donor interest in supporting the organization.