Each year, the Chronicle of Philanthropy ranks America’s biggest donors. In 2020, the top eight donors included the following:

Donor Name/Rank/Net Worth/Total Giving/Share of Wealth Given to Charity

Jeff Bezos/(1)/$179 billion/$10.2 billion/5.7%

MacKenzie Scott/(2)/$57 billion/$5.7 billion/10.1%

Michael Bloomberg/(3)/$55 billion/$1.6 billion/2.9%

Phil and Penelope Knight/(4)/$39.2 billion/$1.4 billion/3.5%

Jack Dorsey/(5)/$6.8 billion/$1.1 billion/16.2%

John and Laura Arnold/(6)/$3.3 billion/$567 million/17.2%

Eric and Wendy Schmidt/(7)/$15.1 billion/$469.6 million/3.1%

Pierre and Pam Omidyar/(8)/$17.2 billion/$441 million/2.6%

This group gives an average of 7.6% of their net worth to charity. How do you stack up?