The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently reported on a study measuring how different age groups prefer different types of fundraising appeals.  No surprise, here’s what they discovered:

  • Millenials prefer to give online (72%).  43% said they were most likely to give via social media appeals.  Favorite cause: children and youth.
  • Generation X prefers to give through email appeals (26%).  Favorite cause: education.
  • Baby Boomers prefer to give through email appeals (30%). Favorite cause: human services.

There is so much focus on electronic giving these days…and for good reason as it is the fastest growing method of fundraising.  But, don’t get lost in the weeds.  Online fundraising is still a very small slice of the overall fundraising pie (3%).  Additionally, the millenial generation–the one most likely to use online sources for giving, has the smallest asset base and many are busy struggling to pay off college loans.  As a result, their gifts are typically the smallest from your donor pool.

Your largest gifts will still come through face to face contact with your donors.  Focus most of your energies here and reap the rewards.