A recent report by the University of Indiana Lilly Family School of Philanthropy discovered some interesting data, including:

  • 55% of Michigan households give to charity.  The most generous state was Utah with nearly 80% of households giving to charity.  The least generous state was Wyoming.
  • The average annual household giving for Michigan families was $2,353.  Compare this to the median income in Michigan of $51,084 and you find that Michiganders give about 4% of their income to charity.
  • Single women out give single men: $1,455 to $1,341 (annual giving)
  • Married couples out give couples living together: 71% of married couples give to charity, only 29% of couples living together give to charity.
  • Since 2000, the percentage of Americans who give has declined from 66% to 55%.
  • The most generous region of the country: New England states where 72% of residents give to charity.
  • The least generous region of the country: West South Central where 49% of residents give to charity.