Is your organization’s website up to snuff?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Once a visitor opts in for regular emails or newsletters, do we ensure that we send one within one week of the opt in? (nearly 40% of organizations don’t send an email within 30 days of a visitor signing up to receive one.)
  • After visitors sign up for regular emails or newsletters, do you ask them to consider a gift within the first sixty days? (56% of organizations don’t ask for a gift within 90 days of a visitor signing up.)
  • Do you personalize your email appeals with a supporter’s first and last name? (79% of organizations do not personalize their emails.)
  • Can a visitor make a gift with one click at your website? (most sites require three clicks or more.)
  • Can  our website be easily read on an Iphone? (84% of nonprofit websites are difficult to read on mobile devices.).
  • Do we list compelling reasons for giving on our home page? (only 14% of nonprofits do.)
  • After a donor makes an online gift, are you suggesting what they can do next to engage with your mission?  (only 37% of organizations suggest a “next step” like volunteering or attending an event.)

These insights and more come from a recently conducted study of 151 nonprofits (100 of which consistently rank as those that raise the most from private contributions) by Dunham and Company.

While online giving still represents only 10% of all giving, the share is growing every year.  Check your website for these simple mistakes and correct them now!